The following blog post was submitted by Brytani Sierra of Downtown Glamorous. Brytani is a life + fashion blogger from Portland, Oregon as well as a 2013 Style Collective Blogger for Portland Fashion Week.


A few weeks ago I attended Portland Fashion Week's Mid Summer Mixer at the Jupiter Hotel, where I had the pleasure of meeting PFW's fashion + beauty director, Abibat Durosimi. Abibat is also a celebrity makeup artist, hair stylist and owner of Tabiba Styles.

After talking with Abibat I became an instant fan. You know those people who you can tell are genuinely friendly and warm spirited? Well, that's Abibat! Despite all her claims to fame, and trust me she has many, Mrs. Durosimi is extremely humble and definitely a pleasure to be around.

As a full supporter of local businesses I decided to reach out to Abibat for an interview to help brides navigate the beauty side of their wedding. Below, Abibat shares with us current trends in wedding beauty, as well as a few tips and tricks. Enjoy!


First, we'd like to congratulate you on your position as Fashion + Beauty Director for Portland Fashion Week 2013. That's amazing!

How long have you been doing hair + makeup and how did you get into the industry? 
I have been doing hair for over 15 years and in that time I found my love for makeup about 8 years ago. Art has always been my true passion and I try to interpret that into my work.  I love making people feel beautiful from the inside - out, and have been truly blessed to meet the right people at the right time.  

As a makeup + hair artist what has been your greatest achievement thus far? 
My greatest achievement is being able to work for PRINCE.

What hair + makeup services do you offer to brides?
Great customer service, I treat all my brides like they are my guest.  Along with that, referrals to a great esthetician (great skin on your special [day] is always a ‘yes’ factor).  I have my “guest” meet me for a consultation to talk about their needs and wants for their wedding look (i.e. their wedding colors and when they will be taking their wedding photos) all that factors into their wedding look.  We also talk about how to achieve their desired hairstyle (if we would need to add hair extensions for volume or brighten up their hair color).  From there, they will share with me their make-up inspiration.  After our beauty brainstorm we do a mock up of their wedding make-up and hairstyle

On the day of, the bride will get their wedding hairstyle and makeup with custom individual flare lashes to complete their look.

What's your favorite thing about working with brides and their bridal party? 
Being able to feel part of it and experience different wedding cultures.  

What are the current trends for summer and fall in bridal hair + makeup?  
Tabiba Styles Bridal Hair & Make-up Trends are:

Summer - For skin, that natural dewy glow with tints of pinks, peaches and golds.  For the hairstyle, a beautiful high, voluminous ribbon like buns with a side part or bangs or a side gorgeous tousled braid.

Fall - Keeping that glowing skin with a touch of purple and orange hues, bronze and golds. Let’s not forget a creamy plum to red lip colors.  For the hair, style and classic chignon or hair pulled to the side with soft romantic waves cascading down.

Winter - Skin matte, bright and clean. Eyes in grays, purples, blues and dark greens or dark eyeliner (inblue, purple or black).  Add lip color in deep plums, red hues or nude.  For hair, a partial up and down style with soft curls or a low beautiful pony tail to the side with a slight body wave.

What is your personal favorite hair + makeup trend/style.  
Simple, fun and natural.  My summer look has been lashes and lavender and pinkish/gold lip gloss. With my hair tossed in a high bun.

Do you have any advice on how to achieve healthy glowing skin on the day of the wedding? 
I always advice my brides to take prenatals [vitamins].  It gives you all the nutrition you need and it promotes get healthy skin, hair and nails. Drink lots of water, eat healthy and work out.  Also, get a facial a few weeks prior to your wedding date.

What are some things a bride should NEVER do the day before the wedding?  
 Never get a facial, a haircut or color, and get a make-up artist last minute.  

In contrast, what are some things a bride should ALWAYS do the day before the wedding?  
EAT!!! I have seen a few faint, and it’s not a good look.  Get a massage, it helps that wedding stress you build up planning the wedding.

Do you have a favorite makeup tip that all women can use?
Use a lip pencil to create your desired lip color.  It stays on longer and you can add lip gloss for a shine or leave it alone for that matte look. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 
I plan to own a Styling Agency.  Where anyone from brides, celebrities and fashion designers will be able to get that Tabiba Styles touch from head to toe *ping*

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Suzannah Hamlin Stanley said...

Very cool! I am so impressed that you can keep up on beauty trends by the seasons. I always do the same makeup on myself so it's nice to think about trying a new trend, even for everyday!

Jenni Bost said...

Love it! I will totally be using her advice for Fall makeup. I often get in ruts and stick with the same few colors and never change it up with the seasons. I'll be excited to try out some purple and orange hues this season.

Tami at Wildfire Fitness said...

Suzannah and Jenni, thank you for your comments! Inspirational, right? Yes, it's easy to get stuck in the "tried and true" but so fun to try something new. Glad you'll be having some fun in the coming season. Enjoy!